Oh my God, I hate mornings.

Any morning. Every morning. Christmas morning? GTFO with that crap.

This morning when I woke up in my usual manner (snorting and coughing; my overall “old man” issues), I didn’t feel like doing shit. Nothing. It’s not too different than any other morning. I tried to close my eyes again and fall back asleep, but it was too late. I was up.


So I stumbled to the bathroom to stumble-piss… That’s where guys pee while leaning against a wall while desperately trying not to fall over because we’re peeing with one eye open. If any women are ¬†wondering how men can just pee all over the floor, I’m guessing this is when the bulk of it happens.

Anyway, I didn’t want to do anything with my day. There were things I had to do like work on a couple of outstanding projects and later host my radio show, The Final Countdown, but I had no energy. I was barely brushing my teeth at that point.

The Blonde Bombshell in my life had other ideas.

She joined me for a round of coffee on our back porch and let me know that we were going to the park down the street. She didn’t ask. She told me. Usually, grumpy ol’ Beaumont-Jerm doesn’t like to be told what to do. And admittedly, I didn’t like being told what to do.

But it was exactly what I needed. 

A quick trip around the paths at the park was what I needed to wake up my body and shake the laziness out of my bones. The conversations with my Blonde Bombshell helped wake up my mind. After that, I was ready to knock out every project and meet every goal. Now I’m sitting outside again, working on my afternoon radio script and planning ahead for this weekend. Ol’ Jerm is now not as grumpy (let’s face it, I’ll always be somewhat grumpy).

It’s amazing what getting off your ass can do for you.