About Me

My Story

From making story-driven videos with my friends in grade school to producing evening news casts as a young broadcast journalist in Texas, I’ve always been a story teller.

I transitioned from broadcast news to helping companies and brands gain exposure through traditional media sources like television and print publications. When new media such as web series, online advertising and social media exploded into the main stream, I evolved with the times so that my clients could also. Now, based out of Las Vegas, I continue to pursue the avenues and clients that give me the most creative freedom to intertwine brands with compelling narratives. I live and create with a simple motto: Live. Dream. Do. 

My Vision

From American Idol contestants to national TV programs, web series and local restaurants, I’ve written, designed and filmed for all media platforms, both new and traditional. Whether it’s sending an engaging press release or designing websites and product launches, I’m ready to work with you and your team to help achieve your goals. Oh, and Social Media administration and implementation is like second-nature to me. I am strong with the Force. LET’S GET TO WORK!


Started life in the housing projects of Port Arthur, TX.
A former tag team wrestling champion (seriously)
Once played Craps with Flava Flav in Vegas
Rocked out with METALLICA on stage at Rock in Rio (Vegas, 2015)
Weathered Hurricane Rita (2005) hunkered down in the psych ward of a hospital in Lake Charles, LA.
Started in broadcast news with an email to a random news director at 3AM on a Tuesday
Have failed more times than I can actually remember. But there have been some SPECTACULAR ones.
Absolutely love what I do.
I love my family and friends more than I love cheese. And, my god, I love cheese.