My name is Jeremy, a Vegas-based creative who works across radio, television, podcasts and digital mediums (such as this blog). I write about life, travel and sports, primarily using sarcasm and comedy to mask the fact that I’m not always comfortable exposing myself in public (haha). I love sincere conversations.


That’s the motto┬áI lived by for most of my adult life. My friend, John Comeaux, used it as a tagline for his clothing brand years ago, but it’s stuck with me. Thank you, John.

What does it mean? For me it means that I’ll never do anything that I don’t want to do. If I think up a project, such as a radio show, television program or blog, I’m going to get it done. If it’s important to me, I’m going to make time for it. Life is incredibly short and I plan on making the most of it.


I am currently a co-host on The Final Countdown, a sports radio show out of Las Vegas. No matter how far this show takes us, I love my co-hosts… when we take group photos we look like a Coca-Cola commercial.

Television and Podcast

I’m the creator and host of a Vegas-based television program and podcast, Cagesiders. My co-host Angelo and I talk about MMA and boxing.