Jeremy Long
Digital Marketing & Creative Director. Based in Las Vegas.


I picked up a camera in high school and never looked back. Television, YouTube, stadium events, sports events, commercials. I was creating web series before it was cool. I’m a total hipster like that. 

Online Banners

Need help with banner graphics on the fly? I’ve done work for some of the biggest and best companies in Las Vegas for the past few years. I speak Photoshop. 

Front End Wordpress Design

My front end website designs have been viewed millions of times by clients and consumers around the world. From American Idol contestants and restaurants to sports networks and radio stations, I’ve personally built and consulted on projects of nearly every kind and with varying budgets. 

Corporate Video

Sometimes I clean up and put on a tie to capture the elegance that is the corporate event. I provide video event recaps, sizzle pieces, demos and more. Your bosses executive assistant would approve. 

Digital Marketing

You have no idea what digital marketing is or how it works… all you know is that you need it. Let’s get to work and I’ll help you make sense of SEO, Google AdWords, influencer marketing and all that stuff that makes you want to bang your head on your laptop. 

Professional Consulting

I’ve created digital departments for companies putting the right people in place to better position companies for the future. I’ve taught departments how to better utilize and maximize what they already have in place and I’ve shared my nearly 20 years of experience to some of the biggest and brightest companies around. 

Nearly 20 years of experience in digital and digital platforms.

Your video needs. Amped way, way up.

Why settle for subpar digital content? Why take a risk with someone who doesn’t have relevant experience for your digital needs? Hit that ‘Contact’ button and let’s get working!